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SkilledHub.com exists to serve customers and professionals. Some platforms serve only customers by allowing them to file complaints. On the other end, business websites exist to serve businesses, but customers often have no input. Most platforms find it hard to do both. 

Things are different with SkilledHub.com. We ensure that the skilled-trades industry remains strong, competitive, and fair. We also give customers a platform for reviewing businesses and a place where they can solicit the most competitive offers from the best professionals. 

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When visiting homes, home buyers rarely think about what’s right under their feet, but they should especially if they’re walking on top of a crawl space.


Knee walls are a feature you’ve probably heard of before but had no idea what it was all about. You’d find them in about half of the homes constructed in the last decade if you went around to several ones. Some builders go above and beyond by including them in their plans, while others do not.

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Are you plumbing a basement bathroom in an old or new house? Having a bathroom in your basement is a smart idea if you have a lot of guests or if you have a rental unit. A bathroom remodel is also a good way to increase home value.

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