You might be wondering – Are backyard weddings tacky? Well, here’s the scoop: It all depends on your perspective.

Backyard weddings can be incredibly romantic, delightfully fun, and yes, even a tad quirky. As for the tackiness factor, let’s face it, Opinions vary like the wind.

These days, weddings have thrown off the shackles of tradition, and while the pomp and circumstance still have their place, things are a bit more flexible.

But, be prepared, hosting your big day in your own backyard might throw some logistical challenges your way, things that tend to seamlessly fall into place when you book a conventional venue.

Of course, there will always be those eagle-eyed guests who find something to scrutinize at every wedding, but don’t worry.

We’ve got some savvy tips to help you navigate the potential “tacky” traps and steer straight toward “tasteful.”

Are Backyard Weddings Tacky? 10 Tips For An Elegant Celebration

1. Consider A Themed Event

In the realm of wedding planning, it’s all about the theme.

Whether you’re going for opulence or simplicity, having a theme pulls everything together seamlessly. Even if the theme boils down to the hue of the bride’s bouquet, it’s a unifying element.

But here’s where you can really crank up the creativity.

Whether you’re aiming for an 18th-century rustic rendezvous, a Star Trek-inspired cosmic celebration, or perhaps you’re thinking of exchanging vows mid-air (a parachute optional), your wedding, your rules.

The key here is to embrace your theme wholeheartedly. Don’t dabble half-heartedly or feel the need to apologize for your choices. It’s your day, after all!

2. Plan Like A Pro – Budget Backyard Wedding

how much is an outdoor wedding

Sure, you and your beloved might have envisioned exchanging vows under a lush, flowering arch in your backyard for eons.

But, did you consider all the nitty-gritty details? Planning a backyard wedding is a splendid idea, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

You’ll need to tackle logistical puzzles, like whether your yard has ample space for mingling and dancing, a designated area for coats, where to park a convoy of cars, and perhaps a spot for the littlest wedding attendees to catch some Zs.

And let’s not forget the most basic yet essential requirement – restrooms. How many is enough?

The nature of your reception on your own turf requires meticulous planning (be sure to check out our top pick for the best artificial grass). Whether you opt for an elegant plated dinner or a sumptuous buffet, you’ll need prep space for culinary work and another area for post-feast dish duty.

Chairs, tables, fine china, and silverware, plus countless other essentials like napkins, condiment cruets, mountains of ice, and corkscrews – these are items that a conventional venue typically provides.

However, for a backyard extravaganza, it’s DIY all the way. To what extent you go hinges on your vision and, of course, your budget.

3. Adding A Floral Touch To Your Backyard

When it comes to infusing your backyard wedding with the magic of flowers, a bit of foresight goes a long way. If you’re planning to use blooms from your own garden, it’s crucial to plan your floral arrangements well in advance.

For instance, if you dream of vibrant spring daffodils and tulips gracing your spring wedding, remember to plant extra bulbs in the previous autumn (here’s how to make your backyard smell better).

And why stop at just garden beds? Consider placing a few in charming planters and pots, strategically scattered throughout your backyard oasis.

For a sun-kissed summer wedding, roses are the classic choice but don’t overlook the myriad of dahlia varieties available.

Gerbera daisies, with their cheerful hues, pair beautifully with fern accents. And for a touch of whimsy, consider the vibrant carnation, which offers an array of color combinations, perfectly complemented by delicate gypsophila.

As the leaves turn and autumn casts its golden spell, your fall wedding can embrace the rich beauty of chrysanthemums with their bold, round blooms.

Bright Japanese anemones or sprigs of deep blue salvia can add an enchanting touch. The key takeaway here is that there are no wrong choices when it comes to wedding flowers.

However, it’s important to be prepared for the associated costs and efforts if you have specific floral aspirations or if you plan to grow your own.

On the plus side, cultivating your own blossoms can yield substantial savings, but remember to allocate a budget for essentials like floral foam, vases, a soil moisture meter, and a wire.

4. Picking Your Colors With Care

When it comes to backyard weddings, the color palette is your canvas, and the only limits are those of your imagination.

Of course, your colors should harmonize with your chosen theme, but the real secret lies in how you weave them together to amplify the natural beauty of your surroundings.

For an earthy ambiance that seamlessly aligns with country or rustic-themed outdoor weddings, look to the hues of your environment for inspiration.

These shades can influence your choice of chair covers and table linens. Add vibrant accents using napkins, table runners, or elegant chair bows.

Carry these color combinations through to your table centerpieces, floral arrangements, pocket squares, boutonnieres, the bridal party’s attire, or even the bridal bouquet.

5. Creating The Dance Floor Of Your Dreams

do people get married in the backyard

While renting a dance floor may seem like a splurge, not having one can pose its own set of challenges.

Can your designated dancing area withstand the demands of stiletto-clad feet?

Since dancing on a muddy patch isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, meticulous planning ahead of time is essential to avoid the need for last-minute flooring rentals.

Just like preparing for your floral arrangements, you might discover the necessity of prepping the ground early.

Ensure it’s level, drains effectively in wet weather (check out how to soak up excess water in yard), and is free of tripping hazards.

A clever cost-saving tactic is to repurpose the space where you held your ceremony as the dance floor, doubling up its use.

6. Don’t Overlook The Tent

Even if you’re keeping a close eye on your backyard wedding budget, consider the wisdom of renting a gazebo or tent with drop-down sides (we’ve covered the best hardtop gazebos here).

This can be a literal lifesaver should the weather decide to rain on your parade or if your guests seek respite from the sun or a brisk breeze (you might also be interested in finding out how to make your backyard warm).

Additionally, it serves as a central focal point for socializing.

Transform this sheltered space into a cozy oasis where guests can relax, engage in conversation away from the main hubbub, and enjoy the festivities (check out how to make your backyard private: cheap DIY ideas).

Remember, this is especially important for guests who might need a break.

7. Bathroom Facilities – Backyard Wedding vs Venue

One essential aspect that often goes overlooked in the quest to avoid tackiness at your backyard wedding is the restroom situation. The general rule of thumb is to have one bathroom available for every 25 guests.

Considering your guest count, it’s imperative to assess the restroom facilities available.

Your attendees will need convenient access, so while it might be tempting to opt for the standard port-a-potties, think again. While these may suit music festivals, they’re far from wedding-worthy.

Upgrade your restroom setup by renting purpose-built luxury restrooms. These are available to suit various budgets and come equipped with all the amenities your guests need to freshen up comfortably.

8. Enlist A Helping Hand

While some may view it as tacky for guests to shift chairs and tables to accommodate the dance floor, it harks back to the days when wedding receptions were communal efforts.

Back then, everyone pitched in, from arranging flowers to preparing food, to make backyard weddings memorable for the bride and groom.

While you might not expect your friends and family to go to such lengths, consider the convenience of hiring staff.

Numerous catering agencies offer professional staff for hire at reasonable rates. Their expertise in ensuring guest comfort and satisfaction can elevate your backyard wedding’s sophistication and charm, a detail that discerning guests may truly appreciate.

9. Illuminate The Night: How To Prepare Your Backyard For A Wedding

how to cater a backyard wedding

When aiming to transform your backyard wedding from tacky to enchanting, consider the magic of an evening ceremony under the starlit sky.

The moment of your first married kiss, set against the backdrop of a night sky, is bound to bring tears of joy to more than a few eyes. However, for a nighttime reception, you’ll need more than just a few strategically placed tea lights.

Stringing up café lights and incorporating uplighting for your trees can create a truly special atmosphere.

The market is flooded with solar-powered outdoor lighting options – from chandeliers to torches, marquee signs, clusters of votive candles, and lanterns of various shapes and sizes that can adorn your shrubs.

While opting for the more elaborate lighting options may incur additional expenses, illuminating your wedding night can effortlessly elevate your backyard wedding from tacky to utterly magical.

10. Renting The Essentials For A Casual Backyard Wedding

Ensuring you have the right equipment is crucial to pulling off a tasteful backyard wedding.

While you may have envisioned show-stopping centerpieces and exquisite table linens, they won’t be of much use without sufficient chairs and tables.

The chair situation is equally critical, as mismatched chairs and tables can be a tacky nightmare, particularly for a sit-down dinner. While borrowing tables and chairs from neighbors is an option, renting them is often the wiser choice.

Many community halls and churches are open to rental arrangements, but opting for a reputable rental company ensures both quality and uniformity.

For a little extra investment, you can even explore additional options such as coffee tables, wicker armchairs, or sun loungers – all in matching sets, of course.


1. What is the disadvantage of outdoor wedding?

Disadvantages of an outdoor wedding can include weather unpredictability and potential logistical challenges.

2. Do people get married in their backyard?

Yes, people often get married in their backyard for a more personal and intimate wedding experience.

3. How many guests do you need for a backyard wedding?

The number of guests for a backyard wedding can vary, but it’s typically smaller, often around 50 to 150 guests.

4. Why you should have a backyard wedding?

You should consider a backyard wedding for its intimate and personalized atmosphere, cost savings, and sentimental value.

5. How much is an outdoor wedding?

The cost of an outdoor wedding varies widely depending on location, guest count, and preferences, but it can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands.

6. How to cater a backyard wedding?

To cater a backyard wedding, you can hire a professional catering service or opt for a DIY approach with help from family and friends.

Final Thoughts: Are Backyard Weddings Tacky?

In the grand scheme of things, a meticulously planned backyard wedding is far from tacky.

In today’s world, it’s about celebrating love and relishing the shared experience of a wedding. Couples are exploring the freedom to decide how, when, and where to celebrate their special day.

For many, the answer is simple: it’s where the heart is – at home, in the backyard, surrounded by friends and family.

By Robin M

Robin remains an active participant in the skilled trades community. His hands-on involvement in projects, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for helping others succeed in their home improvement pursuits, reflects his commitment to empowering readers with the knowledge they need to tackle projects confidently.

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