In this article, we’ll present new furniture design ideas and trending furniture colors, so that you can ensure you have fashionable and popular furniture in your home!

Fashion evolves year after year, and it does not occur only once. Every season delivers news of all types, not just in the clothes and footwear industries. It also does so in the decoration and furniture industries, among others. Yet, in this scenario, trends do not typically shift every quarter.

In general, and at the very least, they do it every year. Both in design and in decorating style, which leads to the fact that some colors predominate over others in décor and furnishings every year. As a result, the furniture color trend today may change from that of the previous year.

Of course, the changes can be subtle. They may even be confined to merely adding a few colors to those that are popular. In any case, it is likely that there will be something new in the variety of colors that furniture can have each year. 

Trending Furniture Colors For 2024 – Modern Furniture Design

New Furniture Styles – Neutral And Natural Tones

Neutral tones dominated the furniture market until 2024, and they continue to do so this year. This is indicated by the majority of popular styles: Japanese, Nordic, a combination of the two, industrial, and so on. This type of tone has always been prominent, but in 2024 it has become even more so.

Particularly beige, both in its lighter version, which is the same color as sand, and in a deeper version, which is a very light variation of the light chocolate tone.

Not simply because it complements the majority of the popular decorating styles. Particularly for its traits and what it transmits: warmth and calm, which are very important at this time. After becoming one of the tones that joined the list of the most commonly used tones in 2022, its validity was not only maintained but its presence was considerably enlarged in 2024.

Natural tones are another one of the most popular color palettes in furniture in 2024. Above all, the wood tones in their various variants have become mainstream, especially the lighter and stronger tones. The midrange tones of the wood color are substantially less prominent in 2024 than in previous years.

In any case, it is a material that is not only found in all of the most popular decorating styles (in the industrial contrasted with dark metal). It can also be found in furniture built for a variety of situations and rooms. Both for kitchen furniture as well as external and interior furnishings.

Furthermore, furniture in wood tones is popular not just in rustic-style homes. It is also suitable for environment and ecology enthusiasts. The wood-tone furniture created from reclaimed wood stands out in the latter scenario.

Contemporary Furniture Design – The Japanese Style And Its Soft Colors

modern furniture design

The Japanese style plays with the wood color in the furniture, particularly medium and dark tones, and on the other with pastel and soft tones.

The houses adorned in this style have more color than those furnished and decorated in the Nordic style, which is also true of the Japandi style, a hybrid of the two. In the latter case, the Nordic style emphasizes the furniture’s shapes, lines, and textures. And the colors of the Japanese style.

Apart from dark wood, one of the most common tones in furniture is chocolate or black, which have become fashionable in 2024, just as they have in previous years when the Japanese style has been popular. These tones, however, contrast with the soft tones in the furnishings and accessories. This is especially the case with furniture, such as chairs, armchairs, or sofa upholstery.

They are white, off-white, light gray, pastel green, and soft yellow tones. Light blue is also prevalent in the Japanese style, albeit to a lower level, making it less vogue in 2024. Among the most successful tones in this design, is green. Particularly in its mint, powdery, and light tones, which help to the development of an ambiance that exudes serenity, relaxation, and tranquillity.

Furniture Design Trends – The Eighties Style Brings Back Gold And Strong Colors

Another rising trend in 2024 is the comeback of most eighties decoration styles, which has also brought back various tones and hues that are diametrically opposed to the tones typical of Japanese or Scandinavian décor. Yet, as we will see below, the eighties style is not limited to bright hues.

Strong and bright colors in upholstery and furnishings were fashionable throughout the 1980s. But also gold, chrome, and gleaming surfaces. Armchairs and sofas with velvety fabric and gentle tones were entirely typical, as were golden legs or chrome finishes that contrasted with their softness.

Gold lamps were a component of this look, which is why they are still popular in 2024. This is in contrast with the other gentler tones, which emphasize their presence in the decoration.

Unique Furniture Design – Strong Colors And Contrasts Are Also Fashionable

Despite the validity of light tones in 2024, soft and natural tones are not as prevalent this year as they have been in the past. Some darker tones are more prevalent in the decorations this year. Both in the surroundings of a house’s rooms and in the furniture.

In general, dark tones like navy blue, dark green, brown, maroon, and purple are utilized in furniture to create contrast and vibrant compositions within the same room.

Of course, a large item will typically have a dark and strong tone. This is typically found on a sofa or one or more armchairs. This piece would stand out against others in similar dark tones. Although it is unusual to have so many dark tones in the same room, to contrast with them, the remainder of the furniture’s hues will be lighter.

Creative Furniture Design – Dark Blue And Orange, Protagonists Among The Strong Tones

As previously said, bold tones are becoming increasingly popular in furniture design in 2024. Two, in particular, jump out; dark blue and orange. In fact, Pantone’s “color of the year” is a dark blue shade known as Classic Blue. It is a tone that, although one of the most fashionable this year, has shades of timelessness, giving it the legitimacy to be present in furniture and other aspects for multiple seasons.

Orange is another one of the colors having the most traction in 2024 among the strong colors. But not just any old orange. The one that is aimed the hardest this year is the brightest and most intense hue of orange.

It is ideal for producing contrasts of strong and light tones in bedrooms and living spaces, as well as being a very warm color that, when combined with the proper tones, may assist in creating a pleasant atmosphere that is both lively and vital. It’s the orange-tiger color that’s popular in armchairs and couches.

Yet, there are two other orange tones that will be popular in furniture in 2024. Both have a yellowish hue. The butterscotch color fades more subtly, while the other goes straight to practically yellow. It has the orange tint known as “Dark Cheddar.”

Wood Furniture Trends 2024 – Black Gains Prominence In Kitchen Furniture Colors

In 2024, black will be popular in Japanese or industrial-style furniture. However, not just in bedrooms or living rooms. This color has taken over kitchens in 2024 and is highly visible in kitchen furniture. Furniture in whole black or blended with various tones can be found among those placed this year, which often have simple lines, especially with the natural wood tones.

Black in the kitchen does not have to be omnipresent and exclusive. It can range from fully black furniture, faucet elements, and appliances to merely having some of its elements and furnishings in that color. For example, on the tabletop or on the handles of furniture. In these circumstances, it will be supplemented by furniture in light wood tones or by metallic pieces finished in silver.

Furniture Design Trends 2024

trending furniture colors

Gentle colors induce relaxation. Understated tones make it easy to create monochrome themes that convey a feeling of continuity and allow homeowners to choose which areas of the home to highlight by directing the eye to where there is color.

Together with bent mid-century furniture, brown tones from this old era are expected to make a big reappearance in 2024. Its natural tone, especially in darker shades, conveys a sense of earthy stability. Warm neutrals promote well-being and comfort. Not to mention that they may be used in almost any design style.

Versatility is a primary color requirement for 2024. This trait is typically seen in neutrals, although they don’t have to be the ones we’re used to seeing. They can have undertones of pink, yellow, purple, or blue. A neutral doesn’t have to be white, beige, or gray; it can be a hue or have vivid overtones, like pink. It all depends on how you use it in a space.

These are the furniture colors that will be most prevalent in 2024. They do not, however, do it alone. Faced with the homogeneity of previous years’ vivid decoration, broken only by a few notes of color, 2024 opts for a contrast between lighter and more natural tones and other bolder and warmer tones. Do you have the courage to try it at home?

By Robin M

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