Nothing is more off-putting than an old, dysfunctional bathroom, especially when you consider the high average cost of bathroom remodeling and hassles that come with water damage and mold formation.

A spotless, modern bathroom communicates consciously and subconsciously to the comfort, elegance, and, most importantly to the user, the value of the rest of the house.

Bathroom renovations can increase home value, making them a wise investment. It can be frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming to plan an entire renovation project on your own.

You can hire contractors for bathroom remodeling to complete the project according to your specifications.

If you are new to bathroom remodeling, the beginner’s guide gives you an overview of how to get started.

We’ve compiled a checklist with the average cost of bathroom remodeling to assist you with your project.

You can use the bathroom remodel average cost to figure out how much the renovation would cost. You can also read our steps for remodeling a bathroom and understand why it could be a better option to hire a skilled professional rather than doing it all by yourself.

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Bathroom Remodel Average Cost


Project Element Bathroom Remodel Average Cost* Lowest Reported* Highest Reported*
Faucet $950 $210 $3,850
Shower $3,250 $3,100 $3500
Sink $1,250 $850 $1,600
Tile $19,450 $7,000 $32,000
Toilet $640 $160 $1,200
Complete Bathroom Renovation $13,750 $1,100 $45,000

*Note: all numbers are estimates. What you will end up spending depends on many different factors. This chart should only be used as a guideline to give you an approximate idea.

New Faucet Installation

The flow of your bathroom can be improved by replacing your old, rusted faucets with clean, shiny fixtures.

New faucet installation is one of the simplest tasks in any bathroom renovation project, but it makes a huge difference.

Contractors for bathroom remodeling can charge you $950 on average, depending on the number of faucets you choose to install.

New Shower Installation Cost

There are numerous modern, trendy, and simple-to-use showers in the market.

A contractor for bathroom remodel may be needed to lay a new floor, install tiles on the walls, and install new shower accessories for a full shower installation.

A new shower installation cost would be about $3,250, depending on your needs and the shower fixture you want.

Sink Installation Cost

Installing a bathroom sink necessitates the use of specialized equipment and materials.

If you want to put cabinets below the sink or a mirror directly behind it, a contractor can help you with that.

Based on the available room, the bathroom remodeling contractor will install the sink, attach it to the water supply and drainage, assemble the furniture, and clean up after the job is completed.

A new sink installation cost could be up to $1,600.

Tile Installation Cost

Tile installation costs vary depending on the size of the floor and the type of tile you choose.

You can choose a tile from a variety of choices such as porcelain tile, ceramic tile, marble, mosaic, granite, slate vinyl, pebble, terracotta, or glass tiles.

The bathroom remodeling contractor will send you an estimation of the time and cost of tile installation after measuring the floor.

Based on these factors, the tile installation cost could be as little as $7,000 to complete.

Toilet Installation Cost

The removal or installation of a toilet may be handled by a licensed contractor for bathroom remodel.

It’s crucial to employ a skilled professional so they can effectively link the toilet to the water source and drainage pipe, preventing any water leaks or sewage backup.

A toilet installation cost in your bathroom could be up to $1,200.

You may also be interested in checking out the tile layout calculator.

Complete Bathroom Renovation

A complete bathroom renovation refers to the construction of a brand-new bathroom or the conversion of a half bath into a three-piece bathroom.

A contractor for a bathroom remodel can take 1-2 weeks to complete the entire renovation, depending on the size of the bathroom and the tasks involved.

It could cost you up to $45,000 to update the look of your bathroom, excluding additional fixtures such as a bathtub, new toilet, sink, or furniture.

Factors Affecting the Average Cost of Bathroom Remodeling


Number of Tasks that Must be Completed

There are two types of renovations that have a significant effect on a bathroom remodel average cost : partial and complete renovations.

The tasks can vary depending on the form of renovation. The more tasks you apply to a project, the more expensive it becomes.

Individual aspects such as removing bathtubs, improving the flooring, painting the walls and ceiling, and adding new furniture and other bathroom fixtures are all part of the partial renovation.

All of these tasks are included in the overall renovation project, as well as a complete transformation of your bathroom from end to end.

Instead of doing partial renovation projects year after year, it is preferable to complete the entire renovation at once. This will save you time, money, and is also aesthetically appealing.

Any time you do a partial renovation, you’ll have to rehire contractors for bathroom remodeling.

Instead of hiring subcontractors, the contractor for bathroom remodel will be able to complete a full bathroom renovation with an in-house crew.

If you’re not sure whether you want a partial or complete bathroom renovation, we suggest speaking with contractors for bathroom remodeling to come up with a plan that works for you.

Size of the Bathroom

On average, a townhouse or condo has two complete bathrooms and a half bath.

Depending on your needs, you can renovate existing bathrooms, turn the half bath into a small shower area, or add a bathroom to your basement.

To put together an approximate timeline and budget, a contractor for bathroom remodel will calculate the scale of the bathroom, including the ceiling and flooring measurements.

The price can vary significantly depending on the size and number of bathrooms.

Relocating Plumbing

Relocating the plumbing is an essential part of most bathroom renovation projects. Changing the position of the toilet, sink, or even the bathtub requires significant adjustments to the water and electrical flow.

The plumbing can be moved by a skilled plumber and electrician from a local contractor’s crew.

The service technician will inspect the water supply pumps, drainage pipes, electrical wires, and fixtures under the floor and behind the walls before moving the plumbing.

The skilled professionals would be able to build a solid plan for moving the plumbing by studying these internal fixtures.

Since moving plumbing tasks are dangerous and require precision, it is critical that only licensed and professional contractors for bathroom remodeling perform them.

Even the smallest error will result in hefty losses and personal injuries.

Steps for Remodeling a Bathroom


Step #1: Create a to-do list

Making a list of all the items involved in the renovation process would help the bathroom remodeling contractors in estimating the budget and schedule for the project.

Having a list of all the improvements you want to make, whether it’s a complete or partial bathroom remodel, is critical to completing the project successfully.

Step #2: Cleaning and Demolition

It’s critical to clean and clear the area for new fixtures before beginning any new renovation.

Some of the most important demolition and cleaning activities include removing old bathroom fixtures such as the bathtub and sink, removing tiles, and preparing walls for new paint.

Only the areas of your bathroom that you specify would be demolished by a contractor. It’s important to understand what you want to hold and what you want to get rid of.

If anything important is demolished, it may cause further damage and cost more to repair.

Step #3: Repair or Install Ceiling, Drywall and Flooring

To prevent any incidents, this step entails a lot of heavy lifting that should be performed by a team of professionals.

You may have the drywall installed or replaced, and the painter paints it in the color and style of your choosing.

You can use Pinterest to find unique ceiling and flooring designs and then hire a contractor to complete the work for you.

The bathroom wall, ceiling, and flooring can take up to 1-2 days to complete, depending on the complexity of the job.

Step #4: Electrical, Furniture and Plumbing Fixtures

After completing all of the foundation work in step 3, contractors will begin installing various fixtures.

Everything is completed at the same time, including the installation of the tub, the installation of new fixtures, and the addition of new shelves.

This gives the contractor a much-needed sense of urgency and necessitates a great deal of coordination.

You may employ independent service providers to complete electrical, plumbing, or furniture installations, but we suggest hiring contractors for bathroom remodeling to avoid managing multiple teams at the same time.

Step #5: Finishing Touches

Any renovation project, no matter how big or small, can create a lot of mess. Getting rid of an old bathtub, sink, furniture, wall piece, or tiles may be a challenge.

This final clean-up will be handled by the contractor you hire. Their team will remove all clutter, scrub all surfaces, and leave your bathroom in good working order.


These steps can vary or overlap depending on the scope and complexity of the renovation. Their schedule can also vary depending on the number of tasks they have to complete.

Despite the fact that these steps provide an overview of the process, a contractor can develop a customized implementation plan tailored to your needs.

Preparing a budget (both monetary and time-wise) ahead of time is a good way to keep your average cost of bathroom remodeling from spiraling out of control.

If you’re on a tight budget, you might only be able to make cosmetic changes like new fixtures or a new sink.

Larger budgets will accommodate makeovers like a larger bathroom, new windows, and artisan tiling that dramatically improve the home’s value.

Bathroom renovations can be expensive which necessitate a meticulous implementation plan.

It’s important to hire the right bathroom remodeling contractors for the job, otherwise, you’ll be disappointed with the end result.

When you’re ready to move forward, you can request a customized quote for your renovation project from a local contractor.


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