In this article, we will go over the top headboard designs, covering in particular plasterboard ones.

Work-related headboard ideas are becoming more common in bedroom renovations. They can be designed and used any way we choose in accordance with our needs and preferences, making them both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Since they allow us to maximize the square meters, they adapt to any location, even in small places. They provide a purpose beyond decoration. Bedside tables, shelves, and decorative niches can be included in them. They can be given a little depth to create a storage area (hidden and/or open). Additionally, they enable us to conceal wall imperfections and even utilize them as a room divider.

They can be constructed from a variety of materials, but for the sake of this article, we’ll concentrate on plasterboard ones. Additionally, you can select from a huge selection of finishes and colors for the bed headboard design to give it the look you desire.

It is crucial to understand that since the headboard is a fixed component, changing it would require redoing the construction. As a result, you must be very certain of the headboard design before you begin.

Plasterboard Headboard Design Key Considerations

What Are Your Measurements?

We can make them any size or shape as desired. Although they are typically found at medium height, forming a 100–120 cm wall, we can make them any height we like depending on their usage.

It would be sufficient if we merely wanted a shelf with a depth of 10–20 cm. If we wanted to incorporate the table into the structure, we would need to leave at least 20–30 cm. The tables’ width, which is typically between 30 and 50 cm, will depend on the available area.

The ideal situation calls for leaving 60 cm on either side of the bed so that it can be accessed. If there is a wardrobe, leave 1 m so that the doors can be opened without hitting anything.

Electrical Installations And Lighting

The light fixtures, outlets, and switches that must be installed on the headboard must be precisely defined for the design. It’s crucial to consider the size of the bed and bedside tables. Also look at the type of lighting and lamps you want in your bedroom, such as wall lights, table lamps, pendants, and LED strips either to create ambient light or light for reading.

What Is The Price Of A Plasterboard Headboard?

Typically, plaster is a fairly affordable substance. The dimensions, standard of the plasterboard and structure, necessary functionality, and finishes will all affect the cost.

10 Top Headboard Designs

creative headboard designs

Here are a variety of different designs for plasterboard bed headboards in your bedroom renovation:

  1. Two niches
  2. A hollow headboard covering the entire bed area
  3. Niche to share a table
  4. Shelf and wall tables with drawer
  5. Large niche for decoration and suspended tables
  6. Double shelf
  7. Niche and integrated drawer
  8. Exposed brick in frame mode
  9. The nightstand comprising of a niche with a shelf
  10. Room divider

1. Two Niches

A straightforward bed headboard with two recesses that function as nightstands can be constructed, superimposed on the wall and in the shape of a low wall. It could be painted white, with the wood-covered upper portion and sides of the niches. Additionally, it has two switches and covert wall lights on both sides.

2. Hollow Headboard Covering The Entire Bed Area

The headboard, which frames the bed and the free-standing bedside tables, has a hole in the bottom that is lined with the same slats as the floor. Additionally, a horizontal niche with a wooden melamine interior and an LED strip can be constructed in the upper portion for decorative purposes.

3. Niche To Share A Table – Painted Headboard Designs

This would be a stylish and contemporary bedroom with a shared nightstand in the horizontal alcove at the head of the bed. The black color of the wall lamps and the gold of the trim around the switches and plugs mix wonderfully with the exquisite blue that is painted on the complete plasterboard construction that reaches the ceiling.

4. Shelf And Wall Tables With Drawer

The next piece is a headboard that has a fairly straightforward design but an incredibly charming effect. It includes two hanging tables and a simple design of straight lines and white that blends beautifully with the wall’s color, very light pink with brown tones, and a half-height shelf for storing decorative items. Along with the support for the little tables, it also features some hanging lamps with a black cable that manage to quietly break up the monotony.

5. Large Niche For Decoration – Simple Wooden Headboard Designs

A totally customized headboard for the bedroom was created with a niche that has four wooden sides on which to place photos, candles, books, and other decorative accessories. The headboard also has an LED strip that illuminates the area and produces an incredibly lovely impression. It seems really airy and lovely because the white and wood bedside tables are hanging.

6. Double Shelf  – Headboards With Shelves For Beds

We continue with a highly unique and appealing layout. A mid-height headboard with two wooden shelves that take up the entire width and two basic, modern, rectangular floating tables that are painted the same shade of blue as the wall.

7. Niche And Integrated Drawer

The nightstand’s two-part design, consisting of a niche with a wooden lining on the underside and a drawer built into the plasterboard construction to hold small items, is highlighted by the headboard that comes after it. It also contains a shelf along with two sconces with adjustable arms to focus the light where needed and a shelf for decoration. 

8. Exposed Brick In Frame Mode – Modern Contemporary Headboard Designs

The next room is a bedroom that is well-lit due to the use of neutral colors and natural materials. Here, structural elements have been incorporated into the design, such as the plasterboard headboard’s frame and the Catalan vaulted ceiling. The two tables are independent pieces with various styles. Simple black-hung lamps have been employed to create artificial light. This contrasts attractively with the headboard’s white color and matches the black found in the beams.

9. Nightstand Comprising Of A Niche With A Shelf

This would be a warm gray headboard that is halfway up the wall, in keeping with the wardrobe that is next to it and attached to it. It is enhanced by the contrast with the wood used in niches (with two holes), on the shelf, and on long handles.  It is displayed in a modern and minimalist bedroom with a palette of soft and relaxing colors. For lighting, it has two wall lamps suspended from the headboard in black and a timeless design.

10. Room Divider – Creative Headboard Designs

Another smart approach is to divide the room with the headboard. This is a bedroom converted into a private bathroom. One of the bathroom partitions is utilized to build a plasterboard headboard with two side holes and a niche for a small table on the left side. Two table lamps are set on the shelf. Additionally, to provide natural light and a visual barrier between the two rooms, a permanent window can be erected above the headboard out of an iron structure that has been painted black and covered with glass.

By Robin M

Robin remains an active participant in the skilled trades community. His hands-on involvement in projects, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for helping others succeed in their home improvement pursuits, reflects his commitment to empowering readers with the knowledge they need to tackle projects confidently.

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