You’ve heard it said before and we’ll say it once more, kitchens sell houses.

Particularly with the ascent of eat-in kitchens and breakfast niches wrapped up in an out of the way corner, the kitchen is where your family is likely to socialize and spend a significant amount of time together.

The average cost of kitchen remodeling varies based on spending margins for different sizes and the factors that affect those costs.

As such, kitchens are a prime candidate for any home renovation project.

It is located at a focal point of the home or one of the principal places you pass by when entering from the garage, making it a region that you are going to go through a few times a day, regardless of whether you eat out two out of three meals a day.

They are also one of the areas where you can get into trouble for spending far more money than you can get a return for.

A medium-range kitchen renovation project has a much better ROI than a high-end job.

It would be ideal to gear towards a combination of the kind of quick fixes and simple jobs that you can use if you are on a budget.

On the other hand, you can tackle more ambitious projects if you have the time and money.

If you have a high budget and would like to have those marble floors with shiny countertops, go for it.

If you are new to kitchen remodeling, the beginner’s guide gives you an overview of how to get started.

Kitchen Remodeling Average Cost

The kitchen remodeling average cost is determined by different factors such as the quality of materials, the availability of space, and whether or not you modify the layout.

On average, renovating a kitchen cost approximately $30,950 or $190 per square ft. Homeowners have reported spending between $16,400 and $45,600 or $95 to $325 per square ft.

For instance, a smaller renovation that costs between $13,050 and $19,500 may include refacing cabinets, painting walls, installing a new tile backsplash, and upgrading the sink.

A kitchen remodeling average cost of over $39,000 may include hardwood floors, installing custom cabinets, high-end appliances, and granite counters.

Industry professionals recommend spending 10% to 12% of your home’s value on a kitchen remodel.

Based on the size of your remodel, you can budget to approximately spend the following:

Low End

$14,000 to $18,000 (Kitchen Remodeling Estimate)


$19,000 to $40,000 (Kitchen Remodeling Estimate)

High End

$41,000+ (Kitchen Remodeling Estimate)

You need to also budget 16% to 19% of the total cost to redo a kitchen for any unforeseen issues.

This includes problems such as electrical setup, plumbing work, structural concerns, and/or toxic material or pest removal.

Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Tips For Remodeling A Kitchen

Before you begin planning how to kitchen remodel, you should have a proper budget set up.

A budget will be helpful in understanding what the results will look like, how much skilled professionals’ help you will need, the materials you can afford, and how much you can accomplish.

Going ahead without a budget could end up having your project getting stalled or borrowing more funds to finish the job.

If you are tight on budget but you need to remodel, consider these tips for remodeling a kitchen:

Stage Your Renovation

You can remodel in stages and break down your projects so that you only need to budget for one item at a time. Determine the necessary tasks and the ones that can wait.

Less Is More

You don’t need to tackle everything. Start with the appliances and materials that truly need to be changed. Quick updates can provide a facelift for your kitchen without having to remodel it entirely.

Compromise On Custom Options

Cabinets can take up almost 35% of the total budget. Save with stock products rather than custom. For additional savings, consider refacing or repainting your current cabinets.

Estimated Cost Of Remodeling A Kitchen

According to various kitchen appraisals, the estimated cost of remodeling a kitchen is as follows:

Project Element Budget Percentage Estimated Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen
Design fees 5% $1,100
Installation 16% $5,100
Appliances 15% $4,200
Hardware & Cabinetry 28% $8,700
Countertops 11% $3,000
Lighting 4% $1,400
Flooring 6% $2,000
Windows & Doors 3% $1,100
Ceilings & Walls 6% $1,600
Plumbing & Faucets 5% $1,400
Other 1% $500

*Note: all figures are estimates. What you might end up spending depends on various factors. This table should serve as a template to give you a better idea.

Kitchen Remodel Labor Cost

Kitchen remodel requires the use of different trades. Following are some of the most common home improvement contractors you would need to use for your project and the associated kitchen remodel labor cost.

Kitchen Planner

If your renovation is not big enough to hire an architect, you may have to work with a kitchen planner.

Kitchen planners help to design your remodel and achieve the perfect look you are after.

You may need to pay a one-time fee for a consultation. However, it is more common practice to charge a percentage of the total cost since they would be managing the entire work.

It can cost approximately $325 for a consultation or about 12% to 21% of the total price of remodeling a kitchen.


An architect is not required for every kitchen remodel project. But if you’re considering changing the structural layout of your kitchen, you will need to talk to an architect.

Architects generally bill by the hour, approximately $135 to $165 per hour. Sometimes they will charge a percentage of the total cost to redo a kitchen if they are just overseeing a project.

Therefore, having a plan ahead of time will help you determine whether you can afford to hire an architect to remove walls or design a new layout.

General Contractor Services

If you are not too picky about attaining a specific style or appearance that you have in mind, you don’t need to hire a planner. Instead, you can use a general contractor to oversee your project.

Hiring general contractor services to manage your project is quite efficient as they will engage closely with multiple trades (electrical contractor, plumber, carpenter, etc.).

As they will be overseeing the project, you will have to pay them 9% to 19% of the total price of remodeling a kitchen.


Some homeowners overlook the need for a plumbing contractor in their kitchen renovation.

Normally, the general contractor will use one of their contacts, so you don’t have to look for one. Plumbers bill by the hour, approximately $72-85, and you will also have to pay for the materials.

Electrical Contractor

You might also have to use an electrical contractor, especially if you need new lighting fixtures/outlets or planning to move the layout around. Electricians also bill by the hour, typically $85 to $112, in addition to materials.


If you are planning to build new cabinets, you will probably need the help of a carpenter. These professionals charge around $92 per hour, in addition to materials.

In the planning phase of the project, it is essential to get multiple quotes.

Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen Per Square Ft

The kitchen size will play a crucial role in calculating your overall costs. Below is the typical cost of remodeling a kitchen per square ft:

Size (Square Ft) Average Cost of Kitchen Remodeling
Small (<60) $6,400-$25,000
Medium (120-150) $19,600-$51,000
Large (190+) $41,000-$76,500+

Small Kitchen & Condo Kitchen Remodel Average Cost

Depending on the items you need to upgrade, you can budget to spend approximately $6,400-$25,000 on a small kitchen. 60 square feet or less can be considered as a small kitchen.

10×10 Kitchen Remodel Average Cost

A 120 square ft kitchen is regarded as “medium-range” and you can expect to spend approximately $19,600-$51,000 to remodel the space.

12×12 Kitchen Remodel Average Cost

This is the standard size of the kitchen (usually between 150 and 190 square ft). Budget approximately $24,000 to $51,000 for a kitchen remodel in this segment.

Large Kitchen Remodel Average Cost

190 square ft or more is considered as being a large kitchen. Remodel for this size tend to cost between $41,000 and $76,500. Upscale remodel can easily end up costing over $99,000.

Average Cost of Kitchen Remodeling Elements

Following are some of the aspects of an average kitchen remodel and their estimates based on small, medium-range or high-end options:

Element Small Medium Range High End
Applicance Installation $120-$250 per appliance $199-$399 per appliance $519-$770/appliance
Cabinet Installation $120-$270 per cabinet $265-$395 per cabinet $395-$655/cabinet
Countertop Installation $265-$655 $399-$1,299 $1,299-$3,100
Flooring $785-$1,299 $1,299-$1,950 $1,950-$4000
Faucet Installation $165-$265 per faucet $265-$395 per faucet $305-$760/faucet
Sink Installation $135-$330 $260-$530 $530-$790
Backsplash Installation $160-$525 $550-$1,045 $1,045-$1,525
Painting / wallpaper $135-$265 $265-$525 $525-$785


As with many projects, less is more when talking about a remodel. You can look at spending as little as possible to refresh your kitchen and give it a modern feel, especially if you are planning to sell soon.

Keeping it simple will help you get on the market faster and save you money.

Now that we have shed some light on the kitchen remodeling average cost, the next step is to contact the right kitchen remodeling contractor for the job.

From there, get a few quotes and choose the contractor you feel is suitable for your job. Get started with your project and connect with remodeling kitchen contractors today.

By Robin M

Robin remains an active participant in the skilled trades community. His hands-on involvement in projects, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for helping others succeed in their home improvement pursuits, reflects his commitment to empowering readers with the knowledge they need to tackle projects confidently.

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