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SkilledHub.com: Home Improvement to Increase Home Value

Our story

SkilledHub.com was created after realizing how difficult it is to book a reliable skilled professional in a timely manner. 

It all started when Robin moved into his first apartment and wanted to make a few renovations. 

After searching online and speaking with his neighbors, he started contacting several skilled professionals. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out with any of these professionals. Robin was back at square one with nothing to show for his work.

Robin spoke with his friend Kelan and asked if he had experienced the same thing. Together, they decided that there needed to be a better way of finding and contacting skilled professionals directly. After all, home improvement contractors are trying to get in touch with these customers too.

Robin and Kelan decided to look into the industry a bit more, and what they found surprised them. 

First of all, the skilled trades continue to be a key industry in today’s society. The trades have changed in many ways, but our needs for running water, electricity, and more have not changed.

Second, the trades are experiencing rapid change through worker turnover and a lack of interest from new people going into the skilled trades. This means it’s harder than ever to connect with the right trades. 

This brought about the idea of SkilledHub.com. 

SkilledHub.com allows skilled professionals to find more customers and creates awareness about the industry. In short, we’re helping strengthen the skilled trades through serving homeowners. 

What we offer at SkilledHub.com

For homeowners

Skilledhub.com allows you to search for skilled professionals using a variety of search criteria, so you can work with the best of the best, or with up-and-coming contractors in your local area.

Maintain and improve your home or business, inside and out, by contacting a skilled professional through our task portal. Search skilled professionals and book appointments online directly with the professional. No more telephone tag!

You can write reviews and rate the professionals that you have contacted. These ratings provide trust, confidence and encourage great service and workmanship.

For skilled professionals

The innovative booking feature makes it easier for customers to book a professional instantaneously without any telephone tag. 

The invoicing feature/quote module enables professionals to handle the payment of jobs online, instead of relying on the traditional payment method of cash exchange. 

The platform empowers skilled professionals by providing them with a backend CRM that keeps track of their clients, and analytics software to evaluate their business. 

The reviews and ratings are based on several factors such as material, labor, budget, timelines, and professionalism. This system encourages great workmanship and helps professionals gain credibility. SkilledHub.com is perfect for skilled professionals without an online presence, as they can create a profile with their portfolio, including pictures and videos, to get high-quality leads. 

Our Lead-Generation Tool is all you need to start receiving customer leads today. On SkilledHub.com you can pay per lead or opt-in for a monthly plan. At SkilledHub.com you only pay for leads on jobs that you would like to do.

Here is how it works:

  • A customer submits a job on SkilledHub.com by providing their contact information, a timeline, job description, and budget details.
  • Skilledhub.com will then review the customer submission and send it off to skilled professionals that operate near the customer.
  • To accept the customer lead, just start messaging with the customer. SkilledHub.com allows three companies to contact the same customer which encourages good quality work and fair opportunity for professionals and customers.

With SkilledHub.com’s
Task Portal, you could focus on doing the best work possible for your customers and stay busy all the time.

Let SkilledHub.com be your salesperson and send you your next customers. Start receiving your customer leads today!

Home maintenance service plans

One of our newest product lines is our home maintenance service plans. With these plans, homeowners can bundle together year-round services to help maintain their homes. Some services are annual, and many are much more frequent.

Imagine if your yard, car, home exterior, and home interior were all regularly maintained for one flat rate.

With everything from weekly lawnmowing to semi-annually changing your snow tires, there's sure to be a package that fits your needs and your budget.

Experience it for yourself

If you want to experience firsthand how SkilledHub.com can revolutionize your renovation experience—where you’re a homeowner, a business looking for contractors, or a skilled professional—then we invite you to take the next step.

Submitting a job is always free. Contractors can sign up to hear about new job postings. 

There is nothing to lose but new opportunities!

Are you a home-owner or business looking for skilled professionals in your area?

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