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The skilled trades continue to be a key industry in today’s society. The trades have changed in many ways, but our needs for running water, electricity, and more have not changed.

The trades are experiencing rapid change through worker turnover and a lack of interest from new people going into the skilled trades. This means it’s harder than ever to connect with the right trades. 

This brought about the idea of SkilledHub. 

SkilledHub.com allows skilled professionals to find more customers and creates awareness about the industry. In short, we’re helping strengthen the skilled trades through serving homeowners.

SkilledHub was created after realizing how difficult it is to book a reliable skilled professional in a timely manner. 

Our Story

It all started when Robin moved into his first apartment and wanted to make a few renovations. 

After searching online and speaking with his neighbors, he started contacting several skilled professionals. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out with any of these professionals. Robin was back at square one with nothing to show for his work.

Robin spoke with his friend Kelan and asked if he had experienced the same thing. Together, they decided that there needed to be a better way of finding and contacting skilled professionals directly. After all, home improvement contractors are trying to get in touch with these customers too.


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