Mirrors are mostly thought of as a necessity and are commonly placed in either the bedrooms or the bathrooms. But, they are more than just an object used for assessing how one looks – homeowners should consider decorating with mirrors.

Mirrors are a design feature that can be used in multiple ways. They can change the overall look of a room by increasing the light that flows into it which in turn makes the space look bigger. 

If you have been looking to change the way your room looks and have been unable to come up with a fun and easy way – try nailing a mirror to the wall. You will be surprised at the results. 

Ideas For Decorating With Mirrors

1. Place Mirrors Where Natural Light Can Reflect Off The Mirror

Consider always placing mirrors where they will reflect natural light. It will reflect the light and make it spread across the room. This will add hues of color to the room and make the room look brighter.

2. Decorating With Mirrors In Living Room

decorating with mirrors in living room

In the living room, you can place mirrors on the wall. They can be placed above the fireplace or a sofa. If the living room has a large window that overlooks something scenic, a mirror can be placed opposite the window too.

Mirrors have the innate ability to add glamor to whatever space they are used in. Having said that, the positioning of mirrors is essential in determining how well the mirrors will furnish the room. 

3. Decorating With Mirrors In Bedroom

There are a lot of innovative ways of placing mirrors in the bedroom. You can add mirrors to the wardrobe doors and border those with lights.

You can choose to customize your room with a floor mirror placed next to a window. Mirrors can be placed in the corridors which help to alter the spatial geometry. Small mirrors can radiate light, which will brighten up the room instantly.

4. Decorating With Multiple Mirrors

One of the most interesting ways to furnish the space with mirrors is to add a mirrored wall in the room. You can also add two small mirrors in the same space as opposed to one large mirror. For example, fixing two small mirrors in the washroom instead of one.

Similarly, you can add three mirrors in the hallway instead of one to add more life to the space. You can even use concave and convex mirrors if you want to add gradients to your interior design. Another unique way of furnishing with mirrors is to set up a gallery wall consisting of mirrors of different shapes and sizes. 

5. Accentuate Your Kitchen Space With Mirrors

Mirrors can be an excellent addition to your kitchen space, especially if you have a small kitchen. Consider using mirror tiles – not only will the kitchen look chic, but it will also brighten up the space instantly.

You can even use a cupboard with sliding mirror doors, to make the space look different. Alternatively, you could place a mirror on the wall and flank it with some decoration pieces to make the kitchen look more appealing.

A mirror backsplash is a unique and interesting idea for adding style to your kitchen.  You can also insert a mirror backsplash behind just the coffee area of your kitchen. Even using a small mirror will have a tremendous effect on the space, making it look very different. 

6. Delve Deep Into The Design Of The Mirror

design of the mirror

When thinking about mirror decor, give enough consideration to the shape of the mirror and the frame.

Mirrors are available in various shapes and frames. Put your aesthetic taste to the test and choose the mirror that will complement the look of your room. Another decorating tip would be to make your own frame

7. Are Mirrors Considered Furniture?

If you have been looking for ways to refurbish your furniture, an excellent idea would be to incorporate mirrors into the furniture. You can add elements of mirrors in the doors of your cupboard and the headboard of your bed.

To ensure that the mirrored furniture does not look tacky, don’t go overboard with the number of mirrored furniture pieces. Instead, place them in a prime spot where it gets maximum attention.

Cleaning mirrored furniture can be difficult, so make sure that you place the furniture in a location where it will get maximum exposure but won’t be used frequently. Consider designs with fretworks and overlays – they make the mirror look sophisticated.

8. Use Mirrored Accessories

Using coffee tables with mirrored tops or other accessories that integrate mirrors can help liven up a room. You can even replace glass used in accessories with a mirror to create a major impact. 

By Robin M

Robin remains an active participant in the skilled trades community. His hands-on involvement in projects, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for helping others succeed in their home improvement pursuits, reflects his commitment to empowering readers with the knowledge they need to tackle projects confidently.

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