In this article, we’ll present the importance of recycling and repurposing your old furniture, along with our 7 best ideas on how to recycle furniture at home!

A worn-out piece of furniture should always be replaced with a new one sooner or later. However, since old furniture may be recycled and repurposed for a variety of uses, it is crucial that the one you are about to remove does not wind up in the garbage.

Why Recycle Your Old Furniture?

One of the most crucial ways to protect the environment is by recycling, yet many people are unsure of how to recycle old furniture. Despite the fact that there are numerous ways to recycle furniture for families, domestic furniture is one of the least recycled items.

Recycling has many well-known advantages, but it is not limited to domestic waste like cans and bottles. There are many ways to turn your unwanted furniture into useful household items so that you can stop the annual disposal of over 10 million household items.

How To Recycle Furniture At Home

diy recycled furniture ideas

1. Upcycled Vintage Wardrobe

These old, recycled pieces of furniture still have a lot of charm despite being rather worn, and they have a lot of potential uses. You can use them in the following ways if you repair their damage well:

In Your Baby’s Room

Use paint and paper to change its appearance, then use it to store the younger household members’ clothes.

Dressing Table

In this situation, you must take the doors out, line the inside, and install a mirror.

Bookcase In Your Living Room

Its doors will shield books from dust, making it ideal for establishing a small reading area.


Upholster your interior and replace your doors with glass ones. You can store your dinnerware there to keep everything looking amazing.

2. Recycled Wooden Desk

The visual appeal of recycled wooden furniture is excellent. Here are some suggestions to make the most of your desk if it is made of this material and you wish to recycle instead of trying to dispose of it:

Use It As A Headboard

The tabletop can be used as a perfect headboard if the damage is well sanded down and painted. Keep in mind that you can also paint worn-out furniture without sanding.

Turn It Into A Piece of Furniture To Place Your Television

A nicely placed and cared-for piece of furniture is ideal in the living room. It can be a terrific idea to repurpose it as furniture for your television if it can no longer be used as a desk.

Cut The Wood And Make Shelves

There is frequently not enough room in the house to store books or other items. In this regard, building shelves for your necessities is a great idea to reuse desk wood.

3. Recycle Wooden Dressers

Due to its size, a chest of drawers may be challenging to reuse. However, take these DIY recycled furniture ideas into account:

Cabinet Under The Sink

Although a plumber will be required to customize things for you, this is a fantastic idea, particularly in rustic settings.

Changing Table For The Baby

You need to be mindful that the dresser is the ideal size so that you feel at ease changing your kid for this possibility to work.


Similar to the prior example, you simply need to consider the size. For this idea to work, it shouldn’t be excessively high or wide.

Furniture In The Hall

This part of the house would benefit greatly from a chest of drawers. Fix the broken elements, pick up a good mirror, and arrange the many items you desire.

4. Recycle An Old Chair

creative recycled furniture ideas

It is feasible to use the materials from an old chair, even though it is difficult to transform it into a new piece of furniture. Take note of the following eco-friendly recycled furniture options:

Reuse The Fabric

Take the fabric out of the chair if it’s in good shape. The larger pieces can be used to create new curtains, while the smaller pieces can be utilized to cover pillows on beds.

Give Different Uses To The Filling

You might incorporate filling into pillows or even your own handmade decorative items.

5. Recycle Nightstands

The old nightstands can be used in various ways if you plan to purchase new ones. Here are two good ideas for handmade recycled furniture:

Make Shelves For The Living Room Or Bedroom

On them, you can place books, pictures, decorations, and more. This results in significant space savings.

Turn It Into Storage

Just like how you can turn your wooden dressers into nightstands, you can turn nightstands into wooden dressers. Additionally, you could decide to place the nightstand in your:

  • kid’s room to store toys
  • shed or garage to store your DIY tools
  • porch or hallway to store your household’s shoes

6. Recycle Headboards

As you can tell, there are many suggestions for recycling old furniture, and there are great possibilities when it comes to headboards:

Turn It Into An Original Sign

Simply paint it and add the message you desire. You can use it to decorate a wall or as a welcome sign at the entrance.

Transform It Into Garden Fences

If the headboard is made of wrought iron, this option is the best. Simply cut the legs and leave them at the desired height. You can paint it to create the ideal fence for your yard.

7. Creative Recycled Furniture Ideas

Custom recycled furniture can give your house a really distinctive appearance. Here are a few additional original concepts:

Create A Designer Table With A Door

To restore its sheen, all you need to do is sand it down and cover it with varnish. After that, set a glass on top of it to create a lovely coffee table for your living area.

Convert A Chest Of Drawers Into A Kitchen Island

You may use it to chop the various ingredients you use to prepare your meals and store cooking tools in its drawers at the same time.

Transform A Crib Into A Desk

As babies grow, the crib is always only a temporary piece of furniture. You may create the ideal desk by opening it on one side and setting a board or piece of glass on top.

Quality recycled furniture brings elegance to homes, so do not be afraid to put the different ideas mentioned in this article into practice. To recycle old furniture, you can also count on the professional handymen at SkilledHub, experts in assembling kit-type furniture and hanging pictures, curtains, or mirrors.

By Robin M

Robin remains an active participant in the skilled trades community. His hands-on involvement in projects, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for helping others succeed in their home improvement pursuits, reflects his commitment to empowering readers with the knowledge they need to tackle projects confidently.

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