In this article, we’ll talk about how to get rid of dog poop in yard so that it is not the ultimate buzzkill.

If you’ve ever reveled in backyard antics with your kids or four-legged friends, you know the sheer joy of those carefree moments.

But let’s be real – nothing squashes the joy faster than stumbling upon a minefield of dog poop.

How To Get Rid Of Dog Poop In Yard

1. Pick Up The Tools

There are tools available today that are practically tailor-made for the job. Think metal trays with rakes, pooper scoopers with foldable jaws, and more.

If you’re in for a proper pick-up, here’s the gear you need to have on your side:

  • Disposable Bags For Dog Waste: Remember, it’s not just your own backyard – sometimes, you’ll be on duty in public spaces. The disposable dog waste bags let you do a hassle-free cleanup, and, they even come in biodegradable options. Talk about eco-friendly options!
  • Gloves: If you’re aiming for an extra layer of caution, consider sporting gloves during your cleanup session. Sure, you might be using bags, but it’s better to have a little added protection.
  • Freeze Spray: Got a particularly messy situation on your hands? This spray turns your pup’s poop into a less squishy situation, making the scoop easy – especially handy for those loose stools.

how to deal with dog poop in yard

Best Pooper Scoopers

Auggiedog Pooper Scooper

This scoop comes with its own storage solution, ensuring you’re poised and ready for action. Simply follow the instructions, and let the scoop do its thing.

Shark PS380 Wet/Dry Power Scooper

It’s not just about tackling pet-related messes – this tool can handle the whole household. With its battery-powered operation and handheld ease, it’s like a vacuum for poop!

Pet Power Products Pooch Power Shovel

This one’s powered by batteries, and it’s all about keeping things sanitary. No waste will ever touch the device, thanks to its ingenious bag system. Just remember to give it the occasional clean check.

2. Be Organized

If you’re in it to maintain a pristine backyard, then getting your organization on point is key.

Let’s break it down – set up a dedicated outdoor spot for your poop-taming tools. On the inside, create a cozy corner for all your dog-related gear. Don’t forget to stock up on those disposable bags.

You know the deal – a well-organized approach can turn even the least pleasant tasks into a breeze. Having all your tools lined up means you’re armed and ready.

Quick access to your arsenal means you’re more likely to dive right in and get the job done. Now that we’ve laid down the groundwork for a tidy operation, let’s move on to the next stride.

3. Follow A Schedule

If your pup just did their thing, scoop it up right away. If your dog’s on a leash, you’ve got the upper hand. But if your furball is within a fenced backyard, well, it might be a tad trickier (find out how to keep a dog from jumping the fence).

  • Harness Routine Power: A schedule isn’t just about timing – it’s about consistency. Stick to the script, and soon, you’ll be organized and have a routine.
  • Craft a Pickup Schedule: This is the way to keep your backyard poop-free. Decide whether you’re scooping up after every potty session or maybe once or twice a day.

4.  Cleanup Strategy

what to do with dog poop in backyard

It’s a grim reality – those little bundles left behind by your furball can harbor some serious nasties. Intestinal worms, like roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms, can get into dog waste.

But that’s not all, disease-causing parasites and bacteria lurking in the soil can turn that poop into a health hazard hotspot.

And guess what? Humans and dogs aren’t immune to the harm. So, these are major reasons to remove the waste.

Brace yourself – it’s time for the main event, the ultimate cleanup! Grab your schedule, muster your resolve, and dive in.

Just a tip: Before you start your work, give your dog’s favorite potty spots an eagle-eyed once-over.

  • Send your pup to potty: Give your fur baby some outdoor time.
  • Follow what they are doing: If you’re keeping an eye on your pup while they’re outside, you’re in for an easier cleanup session.
  • Stick to the schedule: When it’s scoop time, make your move – even if it’s dark, a flashlight can be useful.

5. Train Your Pet

Training your furry companion isn’t just about obedience – it’s about crafting a harmonious existence for both of you.

Ever thought about training your dog to use a specific bathroom spot? Imagine the cleanup becoming easy, thanks to a bit of pre-planned potty exercise.

Got a city dweller pup? No yard, no worries. Indoor potty areas are all the rage. Lay down those pee pads, throw in a few training treats, and watch the magic unfold. Reward their good behavior, and they’ll be potty perfectionists.

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Dog Waste Is Not A Fertilizer

You might think your dog’s business is just nature’s fertilizer, but it’s a total myth. That feces is rich in Phosphorus and Nitrogen, which sounds all fancy, but has the opposite effect on the yard.

If you’re not on top of the removal, those brown spots are going to turn your green lawn into an eyesore.

Let’s talk logistics here – that dog waste doesn’t just disappear. So, if you’re thinking about just letting it melt away, think again. All those parasites and bad bacteria are in that mess, and they’re not moving.

Oh, and the smell? Well, let’s just say it’s the kind of aroma you’d rather not have in your backyard.


1. What dissolves dog poop in the yard?

When dealing with dog poop in your yard, consider using enzyme-based pet waste dissolvers.

These products contain natural enzymes that break down the waste, making it easier to manage and lessening the odor. They are safe for your lawn and the environment.

2. What to do if your yard is full of dog poop?

If your yard is overrun with dog poop, it’s essential to clean it up regularly.

Invest in a good pooper scooper or use waste bags to pick up and remove the waste. Regular maintenance will help keep your yard clean and pleasant.

3. What is the easiest way to get rid of dog poop?

The simplest way to get rid of dog poop in your yard is to scoop it up using a pooper scooper or a plastic bag.

Seal the waste in a bag, and dispose of it in your regular trash. This method is effective and ensures proper waste disposal.

4. How to get rid of dog poop in the yard without scooping?

If you’d like to break down dog waste without the need for scooping, you can consider enzyme-based products.

These natural solutions help accelerate the decomposition process, making the waste less of a nuisance. However, they may take some time to work effectively.

5. What is a safe chemical to dissolve dog poop?

For a safe chemical option, you can use hydrogen peroxide or a baking soda solution to dissolve dog poop.

Mix these substances with water and pour them over the waste. They can help break down the waste and reduce the associated odor.

6. How to pick up soft dog poop from grass?

When dealing with soft dog poop on the grass, use a scooper or a plastic bag while wearing gloves.

Gently pick up the waste, being careful not to damage the grass beneath. Dispose of it properly to keep your yard clean.

7. How to make a homemade dog poop dissolver?

To create a homemade dog poop dissolver, mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle.

Spray the solution directly on the waste to help break it down. This DIY approach can be an eco-friendly way to manage dog waste.

8. How to get rid of dog poop smell in yard?

If your yard has a lingering dog poop smell, clean the affected area thoroughly with water and a pet-safe cleaning solution.

Additionally, use odor-neutralizing products designed for outdoor use to eliminate any remaining odors and keep your yard smelling fresh.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help prevent odors from becoming a persistent issue.

Final Thoughts: How To Manage Dog Poop In Your Yard

Wrangling poop, especially when you’ve got more than a couple of pups, can be a bit exhausting. But follow the 5-step game plan outlined in this article for dealing with dog waste in the backyard.

We’re well aware it’s not the most glamorous gig, but it’s your ticket to a happier, healthier abode, free from the threats of bacteria and disease.

So, grab that scooper, and embark on your quest to keep your space spotless and your pup-loving heart full.

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By Robin M

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