In this article, we will present all you need to know about terrace shade solutions, including your home terrace decoration ideas and key considerations!

Shade nets, awnings, or pergolas are essential for reducing the effects of the sun and high temperatures. By doing so, you can make the most of your home’s outdoor spaces by establishing a cooler and more pleasant environment in your garden or patio.

If your terrace is well-decorated and functional but lacks shade, you may be able to use it only as a nighttime terrace. But, will you restrict yourself to that?

A family lunch, a quick moment of reading, or a relaxing nap on your terrace are ideal activities, especially during the summer. But they are impractical if you don’t have access to enough shade.

You have options for achieving this that blend utility and design and may be customized to meet your unique requirements. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the many shading options you have access to if you’re thinking about how to create a patio where you can be comfortable and have adequate sun protection.

Terrace Shade Solutions

Shade Nets – DIY Terrace Decoration

Shade nets or shading nets offer security, area delineation, protection from prying eyes, and—most importantly—manage to cast the anticipated shadow. They are efficient, simple to install, and made to cover a specific support, usually a fence or a pergola, reducing the incidence of the sun’s rays immediately.

You can get them in a variety of durable materials and finishes that allow them to withstand outdoor elements flawlessly. You must take into account a few crucial factors while deciding which one appeals to you the most:

  • Opacity level
  • Color
  • Measurements

Opacity Level

A shading mesh will have a specific density, that is, it will be more or less dense, depending on its composition and the material it is formed of. When you go to buy yours, have a look at the manufacturer’s suggested level of concealment (50%, 80%, or 100%) and select the one that best suits you.

A shading mesh with 100% concealment, for instance, is the one you’re interested in if you want to cover the entire fence around your garden. It creates a well-shaded corridor around the entire perimeter and, incidentally, boosts security and the level of privacy.

On the other hand, 60% to 70% may be more than enough if you only need to cast some shade in the pool area but do not want to compromise clarity. It also works if you want to create shade in a location where you have plants that require natural light.


Color also has an influence. Typically, shade nets come in white, black, or shades of green and brown. Black will entirely shield you from the sun, but keep in mind that it absorbs and holds onto heat (increasing the temperature a few degrees). The nets in green-brown tones are the most recommended if you want a really “dark” yet cooler shadow.


The measurement of the net is yet another crucial element to consider. When purchasing your shading mesh, “pull long”. To ensure that the mesh actually performs its intended function, keep in mind that you must measure the area to be covered and add 10% to both the length and width of the measurement.

Additional Roof Terrace Shade Ideas

home terrace decoration ideas

In the height of summer, shade for your terrace is essential to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home. There are additional possibilities that can provide it immediately and with a very simple installation:

  • Umbrellas
  • Triangular or rectangular sail awnings
  • Pergolas

Umbrellas – Simple Terrace Decoration

Umbrellas are still useful accessories that flawlessly achieve the goal of providing shade to a very specific region if you don’t want to overcomplicate things. Numerous styles and sizes are available.

It’s still a good idea to put them in a solarium area, as a necessary addition to hammocks, or in such a way that they shade the table where the family will be having their summer dinner.

Triangular Or Rectangular Sail Awnings

Sail awnings are ideal if you need to shade a greater area. These shade sails have been an option with several benefits for a few years now.

They can be quickly installed using either their own supports or those of an already-existing structure, such as the ends of a porch’s roof or a permanent pergola. By placing it strategically, you can extend the shaded area and passage.

A sail awning is easy to install because tension ropes are already attached, so all you have to do is hold it in place. Additionally, you can remove it whenever you choose, such as with the arrival of winter.

They make great areas for enjoying the outdoors and offer a huge amount of shade. To create a relaxing space in the garden or on the roof, use a square sail awning. Another simple and effective way to maximize outdoor space and enjoy the summer is to install a large awning.

It can be used to instantly shade a lovely brick patio that is decorated with plants. Children must be protected from the sun while spending extended periods of time in the water, which necessitates the use of a triangular sail awning.

Pergolas – Open Terrace Decoration

Last but not least, pergolas are the best option if you want to instantly create a shaded area. They come in a variety of shapes and compositions, from the always-welcoming wood to the functional and durable aluminum.

You could create an inviting outdoor “dining room” or a wonderful place for kids to play in the shade by putting one in a sizable garden.

If the available space is more constrained, you also have the option of installing a gazebo (we’ve covered the best hardtop gazebos here). One that is easily detachable, less substantial than a pergola, but which can still work well to provide shade so you can make the most of your terrace during the best seasons.

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