Rustic bathrooms are extremely appealing. Read on to find out some of the best rustic bathroom makeover ideas. 

Rustic bathrooms have known to be quite popular all because they are very homely. The materials used in rustic bathroom fittings exude calmness because they are synchronous with the natural elements of the environment.

Despite incorporating natural elements, these washrooms are extremely comfortable. Such washrooms can be customized in a variety of ways depending on the space available and your style.

Rustic washrooms are described as charming and original and this is mostly because of the balance between different kinds of natural elements that are used in them.  

Such washrooms can be differentiated easily from others, because of their unique traits. Enlisted below are elements that you need to take into account when designing a rustic bathroom:

Unique Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Using Timber For Wood Works

If you want a true depiction of rustic style, you should opt for using a lot of timber in the design. Wood is available in a number of finishing and hues. It is the basic element that will make the bathroom look natural.

You can add the element of wood by exposing beams on the wall, adding wooden shelves, framing mirrors with wood, or using wood panels for lining one of the walls. For the ultimate ‘natural’ look, opt for choosing untreated wood.

You can easily shape it to make a shelf or some decorative elements like country rustic bathroom mirrors. Choosing darker tones of wood will look spellbinding in contrast to pastel-colored backgrounds.

If your washroom has a big window and easy access to natural light, consider using a darker shade of wood. If your washroom has low light, choose woods with lighter hues. Lighter-colored woods can help brighten the bathroom even if there is very little light. 

Stone In Conjunction With Wood

Along with wood, the other element that helps make the bathroom rustic is stone. You can use a stone to make the bathtub or the rustic bathroom vanity sink. Unfinished stone will help enhance the overall look even more. You can also use the stone to line walls. 

Functional Elements That Are A Must-Have!

unique rustic bathroom ideas

There are certain elements that are a must if you want to ensure that the bathroom looks rustic in true spirit. Make sure you add a countertop, floating rustic bathroom shelves, and a bathtub. Ensure that natural elements like wood and stone are used in conjunction to make these.

Add cabinets to the washroom, if shelves are not an option. Choose a cabinet made of wood, preferably in natural hues of brown. You can use the cabinets to place towels or other accessories. If there are drawers, you can store other toiletries in them too.

One of the prominent characteristics of simple rustic bathroom designs is that the furniture is added in such a way that it adapts to the space available, and instead of being pushed into the background it retains its distinction. For rustic bathroom taps, choose ones that are bronze in color and a bathing tub that is freestanding with prominent faucets. 

Use forge or metal for little things like handles and faucets. These may look like tiny things but they have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the bathroom. Towel racks, tissue paper holders, and lamps can be made using these materials. The beauty of such bathrooms lies in these tiny details that are sometimes overlooked.  

Uniformity matters a lot, use the same color and kind for all faucets and handles. Different designs and colors can seem like overkill. 

Adding Character Using Different Kinds Of Textiles

If you have a window, consider adding a curtain to cover it. Choose a curtain with warm colors with small flower prints. Consider placing a rug in the washroom along with wicker baskets housing towels. 

The Color Scheme Is Of Supreme Importance

There is numerous range of tones that would look amazing in a rustic bathroom. If you decide to omit the use of wood and stone paneling on the walls, consider opting for light shades like beige, cream, or ivory white. These can really help the wooden elements in your bathroom to stand out.

If you are looking to add a modern touch to your washrooms, consider using pale green or blue too. These colors can really change the overall look of the bathrooms.  

To give your rustic washroom a modern look consider adding elements like a patterned ceramic sink. Adding a conventional element like a cistern with a chain pull can amplify the overall look of the bathroom. You can even go for a rectangular-shaped sink if you are hoping to do something different in the bathroom. 

Do Not Forget To Add Greens

To ensure the washroom looks fresh, consider adding potted plants while you are decorating it. If you have space, you can go for one big plant in one corner. Or you can go for small indoor plants on the sink, atop the flush, or on the cabinets. Plants are an amazing way of adding color to bathrooms. 

The Flooring Will Make All The Difference 

Special attention should be paid to the floors when it comes to modern rustic bathroom design ideas. They must be durable, should be able to resist the damage and stain caused by regular splashes, pose little to no threat of slipping, and must be easy to clean.

Terracotta tiles are known for exuding warmth and they blend beautifully with any kind of bathroom design. Natural stone tiles can also be used for flooring. 

You may also be interested in checking out the tile layout calculator.

Add Accent Tones And Features To Break The Monotony

Large bathrooms are very difficult to heat properly and can often leave one feeling uneasy. To add an element of warmth, consider using sober red tones to paint it. Such shades pair well with wood. You can even add a small wall to cut off the shower area from the rest of the washroom, this will make the large space seem smaller.

By Robin M

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