Read on to find under-staircase design ideas on how to maximize space under stairs inside your house.

If you are bored with the way your house looks and you have been looking for ways to spruce up your interior design, you can always begin by making small changes. One of these small changes is to use your home’s staircase for another function.

If your home’s staircase design details feature a dead space under it, think of it as an opportunity to make changes. You can even use it for multiple purposes over a year. Enlisted below are some staircase design examples.

Modern Under-Staircase Design Ideas

1. Your Reading Getaway

You can use the space under the stairs to place a bookcase. This is an excellent way to save space, as bookcases can be bulky sometimes. You can place floor lamps in the corner or just hang a light, set a sofa or a floor cushion so you can sit comfortably and read your book. With just a little effort, it can become your getaway corner.

2. Placing Your Closets

space utilization under staircase

We all hate clutter and extra storage space can save us from this menace. Space utilization under staircase can be done wisely by either placing closets or having them constructed under there. You can store mattresses, bed sheets, and towels – all those items that you do not want in your bedroom closet but would like to have within your reach. 

3. Your Resting Place 

Consider placing a small sofa cum bed there, or a recliner, especially if there is a window next to it. It could be the perfect spot for you to just rest and unwind. Most of the time, staircases are designed in a corner. So if you design it well you could have the perfect corner to just hide away, especially if you have kids. You can also use the space to take naps. 

4. Turning It Into A Mini Office

If you do not have a study or an office and are looking to work somewhere in peace, consider using the space under your stairs for this purpose.

You can conserve space and also utilize this area effectively. It can turn into a perfect place of solitude where you can work, your children can do their homework or you can do your taxes or pay the bill.

Setting up an office does not require so much – since most people work on laptops you can consider using a flat desk to keep your laptop and pair it with a study light. A comfortable chair and maybe a potted plant are all that you need to turn this space into a conducive working space. 

5. Parking Your Cycle

There are some things that we use in our everyday life that we do not know how to keep away or store. One of those things is an adult bicycle, parking it outside might not be the safest option.

You can use this space to set up a parking corner for your bicycles.  Get a bike rack, and place it underneath the stairs – you can neatly and safely tuck away the bicycle.

6. Extension Of Your Living Space

If the staircase design in dining room and placement allows it, think of the space under your staircase as an extension of your living space. All you have to do is decorate the area using the same theme as that of the living area and you will end up having additional space in your room to use. 

7. Adding A Pantry

In some cases, when there is no pantry in the kitchen, you can utilize this space by adding a pantry there. It can also be used for creating additional space for your pantry if you have a small one already.

If your kitchen counters are small, the extra utensils that keep lying on the counter can seem like a nightmare to deal with. This additional space can help you keep the clutter in the kitchen at bay. 

8. Storage Space (Under Stairs Ideas)

how to maximize space under stairs

If you do not have a walk-in closet to store your belongings, this is where you can store your extra shoes. Consider placing a shoe storage cabinet there, especially if this space is right in front of the main door. You can use this space to make shelves or racks also for the same purpose. 

9. Converting Into A Playroom

If your house lacks space for a nursery or a designated area where your child can play, think about turning this space into a play area. You can buy a playpen and fill it with your child’s favorite toys. The dimensions of this place are perfect to keep the little ones confined.

If the area under the staircase can be viewed from every corner of the ground floor, then that just gives you an added bonus. You can do your household chores like folding laundry over there while your child plays in the playpen. 

10. Decorate The Space

This space can be used to add color to your house. You can decorate the space by painting the space in contrast or hanging family pictures under the staircase. You can even decorate it using a round or a square mirror. If you have the budget for it, also consider adding a table with a mirror to liven up the look

11. Powder Room (Under Staircase Design)

This could be an excellent space to use if you want to set up a small powder room. This can be a godsend if you have a lot of guests over. 

How you reinvent different types of staircase design will largely depend on the purpose you wish that it serves and the amount of space that it has. This is one of those renovation ideas that you can alter very conveniently over the years.

By Robin M

Robin remains an active participant in the skilled trades community. His hands-on involvement in projects, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for helping others succeed in their home improvement pursuits, reflects his commitment to empowering readers with the knowledge they need to tackle projects confidently.

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