So, you’ve got this fence in your yard, and it’s not exactly a sight for sore eyes. Time to spruce things up! What to plant along fence line to make it aesthetically appealing?

Before you go all green-thumbed, there are a few things to consider. You need to know what type of fence you’re dealing with, where it’s standing, how much privacy you need, and how much space you’ve got to play with.

Once you’ve got that sorted, we can dive into fence line planting!

What To Plant Along Fence Line

Your fence is not an island! Consider the vibe of the whole garden when choosing your fence line plants. You want them to blend in.

Decide what your fence line is going to do for you. Is it all about the screen power, making your spot a private oasis?

Or maybe you want to mix it up and grow some veggies, with shorties in the front and climbing wonders like vine tomatoes or beans doing double duty as screens.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what floats your boat and suits your family’s needs. Roll with the prevailing conditions, and you’ll create a fence line that’s uniquely yours!

1. Vines And Creepers

what plants are good along a fence

Looking to take your screening to the next level? Vines and creepers are the way to go! Take a stroll around your neighborhood to see which ones thrive in your neck of the woods.

The local nursery can also guide you with its green expertise. But a word of caution – avoid planting anything that might go wild and affect the neighbors, such as the trumpet vine.

2. Hedge Plants

When it comes to garden screens, hedge plants will tower above your fence, offering extra privacy.

Some examples of plants include Lilly Pilly, Buxus, Murraya, Viburnum, and Photinia. These are tough, disease-resistant, and don’t mind getting a trim now and then.

3. Boston Ivy

The Boston Ivy flaunts its three-pronged leaves, changing shades as the seasons change.

And if that’s not enough to impress, it even boasts little purple fruits. This plant isn’t picky about its surroundings – it can thrive in various conditions!

4. The Climbing Rose

These stunners bring a shower of blooms and can reach up to 15 to 30 feet in height. Talk about a floral spectacle that’ll have your neighbors gawking in awe!

5. Cottage Garden

Looking for a touch of romance and whimsy in your backyard? The Cottage garden is a good option!

Picture delphiniums, hollyhocks, daisies, and phlox swaying in the breeze. And the scent of thyme, rosemary, and lavender added to the enchantment.

6. Bougainvillea

The bougainvillea with its dazzling display of yellow, orange, purple, and red flowers, is a great summertime choice. It loves soaking up the sunlight! Just the thing to brighten up your space.

What Plants Are Good Along A Fence?

Plants have their preferences. Some are all about that full sun, while others prefer the shade. Some like a good soaking, and others thrive in arid conditions.

And let’s not forget about the wind – is your fence taking the brunt of it or offering shelter? All these factors will guide you to the right plant picks.

Know Your Directions

North, South, East, West – which way is your fence facing? It matters!

North-facing spots get less sun and stay cooler for longer. South-facing ones soak up more rays and can get pretty toasty. East gets the morning spotlight, and the West basks in the afternoon glow.

Getting To Know Your Fence

Let’s not underestimate that fence! It’s not just there to separate your crib from your neighbor’s place. It’s got a job to do – keep things safe and sound and give your family the privacy they deserve.

Now, that fence could be made of wood, aluminum, metal, or maybe a picket fence (find out: how long does a wood fence last?)

If it’s got some character, why not embrace it instead of hiding it behind a curtain of plants?

Of course, you’ll need to give it some TLC now and then, like a fresh coat of paint or a repair job. So, when picking plants, keep in mind you’ll need access to the whole fence from time to time.

Other Decoration Ideas

So, you’ve got this not-so-pretty fence staring back at you, and you’re itching for a quick fix. We’ve got some decoration ideas that’ll jazz it up in no time.

Forget plain old trellises – let’s talk decorative screens! These ones come in all sorts of eye-catching styles that’ll make your fence look like a work of art.

Garden Ornaments

Who doesn’t love a touch of whimsy in the garden? Think charming fountains, elegant statues – whatever tickles your fancy.

Keep the theme going from your garden to the fence, creating a seamless wonderland of beauty. But be gentle with that fence! If you want to attach something like a bird feeder, make sure it can handle the weight.

Gardens are the ultimate canvas for your imagination! So many brilliant ideas are waiting for you to explore.

Want something timelessly chic? Go for a classy-shaped hedge. Craving bursts of vibrant color? The cottage garden is calling your name! The beauty of it all – the choice is entirely yours.

How Do You Landscape Against A Fence?

how do you landscape against a fence

Landscaping along a fence line is no rocket science. Stick to the basics, just like any other part of your garden.

Remember, solid materials such as brick can hold onto heat, so choose your plants wisely. Keep it neat, keep it tidy, and let your garden do the talking!

Garden Bed

Got enough space to play with? Create a curving border about 2 feet from the fence or go wider if you’re feeling fancy.

Fill it up with a mix of perennials and annuals that’ll splash your yard with color all year long. Spring bulbs and flowers bring joy after a cold winter, while shrubs add a touch of elegance to this garden’s privacy!


1. What is the best bush to line a fence with?

The best bush to line a fence with depends on your location and preferences, but popular choices include Privet, boxwood, and Holly.

2. What flowers grow against fences?

Flowers that grow well against fences include climbing roses, clematis, morning glories, and sweet peas.

3. What are the best perennials to plant along a fence?

Some of the best perennials to plant along a fence are lavender, hostas, daylilies, and ornamental grasses.

4. What are some small plants for fence line?

For small plants along a fence line, consider options like dwarf varieties of shrubs, such as dwarf Alberta spruce or compact hydrangeas.

5. What are some evergreen shrubs to grow against a fence?

Evergreen shrubs that work well against a fence include yew, juniper, and arborvitae.

6. What are some tall plants for fence line?

Tall plants suitable for a fence line include bamboo, sunflowers, hollyhocks, and tall ornamental grasses like pampas grass.

7. What to plant along fence line for privacy?

For privacy along a fence line, consider planting tall evergreen trees or shrubs, such as Leyland cypress, bamboo, or arborvitae. These plants create a dense and visually obstructive barrier that can enhance privacy in your outdoor space.

Conclusion: What To Plant Along Fence Line

Why settle for one trick when you can have two? Some plants are multi-talented! You can pick plants that not only serve as screens but also provide yummy goodies for your tummy!

Let your creativity run wild and unleash those decoration dreams. Your fence is a blank canvas, waiting for your artistic touch. Whether you go elegantly simple or vibrantly bold, it’s your garden wonderland, and there are no limits!

So there you have it. Turn that fence into a dazzling display of art and beauty. With these decoration ideas, your garden will be the talk of the town! Happy decorating!

By Robin M

Robin remains an active participant in the skilled trades community. His hands-on involvement in projects, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for helping others succeed in their home improvement pursuits, reflects his commitment to empowering readers with the knowledge they need to tackle projects confidently.

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