The classic mountain chalet comes to mind as soon as you think of choosing a garden shed. In reality, the form that most customers favor is the wooden garden shed. But there are more ideas for garden houses to explore.

Garden Houses And Sheds

A garden shed offers a lot more than just a place to store things. It can serve as the property’s focal point and provide your garden with a distinctive feature. The shed offers a relaxing area for potting, seed beginning, cutting propagation, and exchanging plants with friends. It can also be a cozy, tranquil haven from the pressures of a packed schedule and a place to connect with nature.

No matter the size, a garden shed needs a few essential components to operate to its full potential:

  • At least one operable window to let in light, views, and fresh air
  • Enough floor space and headroom to allow you to stand up and move around
  • Some sort of worktable for tending to plants or maintaining garden tools

When you think of a garden shed, the typical mountain chalet immediately comes to mind. The wooden garden shed is, in fact, the model that most consumers favor.

Types And Materials Of Garden Houses

ideas for garden houses

There are numerous sorts of garden houses other than conventional wooden ones. Let’s look at them.

Metal Garden Shed

When looking for a straightforward, affordable storage option, a metal shed is fantastic. A metal shed is a fantastic option if you need to store outside items but do not want or need custom features. They also function effectively in many climatic conditions, however, rust build-up will be less noticeable in warm, dry climates. From its appearance, it may look like a small country shed, but it has advantageous characteristics such as simplicity of assembly, proven resistance, and minor maintenance and cleaning.

PVC Garden Shed

PVC sheds are quite useful and give great value for the money. If you want something that is weatherproof, strong, and lightweight, PVC is a good choice. However, the cost of certain plastic sheds might be comparable to that of a wooden shed. Suitable for keeping tools away from humidity, it can resist the harmful and discoloring effects of UV rays. For this reason, it is essential to choose quality PVC.

Resin Garden Shed

Resin sheds are built of high-quality plastic that makes them stronger and more durable than wooden buildings while also making them lighter. Some designs utilize a double-wall construction instead of merely a single-wall resin panel for optimum durability and strength. 

Insects, rust, rotting, peeling, warping, and fading are not problems that resin sheds are vulnerable to. Assembling and maintaining resin is also simpler. For both motorbikes and bicycles, it is designated as a safe shelter. It provides protection from the sun and rain while consistently exhibiting good mechanical and thermal resilience.

Sizes Of Garden Houses – What Size Garden Shed Do I Need?

The sizes of the various garden house range from less than 5m² to over 20m². So according to your needs, you can choose between a small wooden house and a much larger one. 

Do you need planning permission for a garden shed?

Local laws often constrain the square footage of garden houses. No declaration is necessary for wooden homes with a floor space of no more than 5m².

The wooden homes, which range in size from 5 to 20 m², are a type of “free building.” An installation notification is necessary for this situation. For over 20m², on the other hand, it is necessary to request a real permit from the local authorities before proceeding. Before purchasing a garden shed, it is essential to check what the local law and garden shed building regulations permit.

Wooden Garden Shed: Guide To Choosing A Garden Shed

As mentioned earlier, the wooden garden shed is the most requested by buyers, especially for the aesthetic aspect. This type requires more maintenance and cleaning than the other two types. The wooden houses are warm, comfortable eco-sustainable structures and their large interiors are perfect for accommodating situations where you may place shelves and accessories and devote yourself to DIY in peace.

This kind of wooden house is more resistant to outside noise and climatic agents because of the insulation and roof covering. You can even build up a little office or a bright room inside where you can spend some time with your friends during the day.

Items To Consider Before Buying

garden houses and sheds

What are the elements to take into consideration before buying a wooden garden shed?

Use And Purchase Need

Before making a purchase, you must be aware of your needs. It could be used as a:

Capacity And Space

Once you have chosen the purpose for which you want to use the wooden house, you may consider the area in which you want to put it.

Local Laws – Building Garden Shed Planning Permission

It’s important to be well-informed about local bylaws before choosing a shed. You wouldn’t want to buy your ideal shed only to discover that you need permission or are in fact in violation of a bylaw! The good news is that a trustworthy supplier will be aware of all potential building code restrictions. They will be able to point you in the proper way if you choose to buy from them. Even then, it’s a good idea to understand the bylaws. In this way, you can choose whether it is necessary to obtain a permit for a bigger shed or if a smaller choice will be enough.

Shed Materials

One of the most important choices you should make before even beginning your search for a new shed is what kind of material it will be constructed out of. Prior to beginning your shed search, choose a material. This will greatly help in narrowing down your options. You have the option of purchasing a wooden, metal, or plastic shed while looking for one. 

The Roof

There are three roof variants:

  • Double-pitched roof, which imitates the look of a house or a chalet and presents a more harmonious division of the interior space
  • Single-slope roof, is an excellent choice in certain situations, especially if the garden shed will be attached to a wall
  • Flat roof, which, thanks to the total absence of an attic, optimizes the space available inside. This roof variant is more expensive and has a higher risk of infiltration

Garden Shed Flooring Options

The wooden garden houses can also be without a floor. It is undoubtedly cheaper because the house is placed directly on the ground.

In conclusion, consider whether you’re willing to go over budget to purchase the perfect shed. Are you willing to spend a little more money to get more features, options, and warranties? You can achieve the level of comfort you want by picking the appropriate garden shed.

By Robin M

Robin remains an active participant in the skilled trades community. His hands-on involvement in projects, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for helping others succeed in their home improvement pursuits, reflects his commitment to empowering readers with the knowledge they need to tackle projects confidently.

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