You need a commercial cleaning company that has the personnel, equipment, and supplies to complete a large job. This is the case whether you operate a small retail store or a large corporation with hundreds of employees.

Sanitizing and cleaning a workplace necessitate much more effort than simply telling the employees to keep their places clean.

The bottom line is to hire a professional service.

But where do you look for a reputable commercial cleaning service? Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from.

Top 10 Commercial Cleaning Companies

  1. Buildingstars
  2. Anago Cleaning Systems
  3. CleanNet USA
  4. Bonus Building Care
  5. Vanguard Cleaning Systems
  6. Jani-King
  7. Steamatic
  8. JAN-PRO
  9. Coverall
  10. ServiceMaster Clean

The majority of these commercial cleaning companies have been in service for several years. Anything from sanitizing areas after an outbreak of viruses to vacuuming the company’s carpets is taken care of by them.

Their services include providing medical-level cleaning of facilities, which necessitates the use of specific procedures and materials in order to eliminate infectious microorganisms and pathogens.

Commercial Cleaning Company Reviews

1. Buildingstars

Buildingstars’ commercial cleaner services are divided into five categories: offices, health care, educational, industrial, and financial.

This company disinfects commonly touched areas such as elevator buttons, door handles, vending machines, and water coolers as part of its scheduled office cleaning service. It also has stations for hand sanitizers to prevent viral transmissions. According to the Buildingstars website, 7% of women and 15% of men are not keen on washing hands.

Floor maintenance, nightly cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window washing are all included in Buildingstars’ extensive cleaning service.

The business was established in 1994 and is headquartered in Missouri, Arizona, Illinois, and Florida. It has approximately 800 franchisees in the US.

2. Anago Cleaning Systems

Anago Cleaning Systems works in almost every industry imaginable. They’ve worked in a variety of settings, including daycares, colleges, commercial offices, fitness centers and gyms, restaurants, healthcare services, worship centers, hotels, and car dealerships.

They can clean most of the spaces. They also have cleaning services at all hours of the day and night, which is perfect if you want your clients or staff to avoid cleaners during work time.

A Complete Satisfaction Guarantee is provided to each customer. If you call after their initial visit with any questions, their cleaning team will arrive at your place within 2 hours. This is useful for when you notice that their team has overlooked a mark on the rug or have forgotten to pick up an overflowing trash can.

Anago has more than 1,700 locations and is headquartered in Florida. The majority of the franchises are in the US, but there are a few in Canada as well.

3. CleanNet USA

Every day, this commercial cleaning service cleans more than 160M square feet of space. The company was established in 1987 and has over 1,700 franchises across the US.

The following are some of their commercial cleaner services:

  • General cleaning services (lobbies, bathrooms, offices, etc)
  • Green cleaning that is environment-friendly
  • Cleaning the floors (tile, marble, ceramic, hardwood, granite, etc)
  • Elevator maintenance
  • Clean-up after construction
  • Floor scrubbing, buffing, and waxing
  • Shampooing and cleaning of carpets
  • Programs for recycling
  • Day proter facilities

They also have COVID-19 disinfection services in addition to their broad range of commercial cleaner services. This keeps your areas and surfaces clean while also protecting you from Influenza and COVID-19.

CleanNet also guides its franchisees with the use of proprietary quality management software that allows the company to monitor maintenance quality. If a franchisee fails to meet CleanNet quality requirements, the organization will get involved and provide development training if necessary.

The customers can also monitor their cleaning jobs using the company’s smartphone app. CleanNet is based in Virginia and offers handyman services, painting, and pest control in collaboration with local licensed contractors.

4. Bonus Building Care

This commercial cleaning service is a smaller operation compared to the others on this list, but it is well-known.

They provide dependable and high-quality cleaning solutions to a variety of industries, including:

  • Health facilities
  • Workplaces
  • Entertainment
  • The retail industry
  • Education
  • Manufacturing and industrial

The bulk of Bonus’ franchisees is by the south, with the company’s headquarters in Oklahoma. Bonus also has a completely green cleaning program called BoGreen, which works with plant-based cleaning materials instead of harsh chemicals.

Visit their contact page and fill out the e-form or call them for a quote.

5. Vanguard Cleaning Systems

This commercial cleaning service was established in 1984. It now has more than 3,000 franchisees spread across the US and Canada.

The company provides janitorial services, which is advantageous for businesses that choose to employ a single company to perform both janitorial duties and commercial cleaning.

Vanguard claims to have over 18,000 cleaning accounts. Vanguard has won several awards for its opportunities related to franchising, but there are no eco-friendly certifications listed on its website.

6. Jani-King

Jani-King is a well-known commercial cleaning service. The business has a worldwide network of over 9,000 franchisees and operates 120 service offices in ten countries.

As a result, they’ve worked in a variety of industries, including retail, office buildings, sports venues, health care, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing plants, and college campuses.

The company was established in 1968, making it one of the oldest on our list of commercial cleaning companies. On its website, Jani-King has a variety of video testimonials from big brands. Coca-Cola, House of Blues, Marriott Hotels, and Methodist Hospital for Surgery are among the reviewers.

7. Steamatic

This commercial cleaning company differentiates itself from the other services on this list by offering disaster relief services. Steamatic specializes in recovery and restoration cleaning resulting from fire, floods, mold, or wind damage following tornadoes and hurricanes.

Customers may either hire the Steamatic team to come to their location or ship damaged objects to a Steamatic cleaning site.

Steamatic is able to handle the transportation, packaging, inventory, and property storage if a customer selects the “pack-out” option. This is useful for work such as dehumidification, document restoration, and art recovery.

Steamatic was established in 1948 in Texas and started franchising in 1967 under the name Steamatic, Inc.


The EnviroShield disinfection method, which follows similar cleaning standards used to sanitize operating rooms in hospitals, is a unique offering from JAN-PRO.

Microfiber wipes that are color-coded are often used by JAN-PRO cleaners to prevent cross-contamination from a certain cleaning location to the next.

This commercial cleaning service was established by an army veteran. JAN-PRO offers a special program that makes it simple for veterans to start a franchise. The company also provides 5 weeks of intensive training of the company’s processes and protocols to all of its franchisees.

JAN-PRO has a service guarantee. If a client is dissatisfied with the cleaning service, the following regular cleaning is provided free of charge.

9. Coverall

With over 14,000 health facilities served, Coverall specializes in medical center cleaning. Therefore, it’s a good fit for hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental clinics, veterinarian’s offices, and dialysis centers.

Coverall also works in a range of sectors, including offices, colleges, fitness centers, retail, and industrial. No-dip flat mops, hospital-grade disinfectants, microfiber cleaning cloths, and HEPA vacuums are all used by the company.

Coverall, unlike many other commercial cleaning companies, provides a quote through its website. Although you’ll need a cost estimate to know exactly what you’ll spend, Coverall states that basic cleaning for small office space about two times a week costs around $170 to $250 a month. With larger facilities, it would range between $800 to thousands a month.

10. ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean has over 8,000 company-owned locations and franchise sites. It has become one of the biggest commercial cleaner services in the US.

Merry Maids and Terminix are two reputed brands under the ServiceMaster Clean umbrella. So it is possible that you’re already using their services or that they’re in your neighborhood.

ServiceMaster Clean’s clients range from hospitals and banks to retail stores and schools. It would be ideal if your company fits into those groups. They also offer specialized services if you have more specific requirements.

How To Select A Commercial Cleaning Company

commercial cleaning company

A commercial cleaning service can be an expensive addition to the company’s budget, so you need to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck (check out the cleaning service name generator).

These services should be viewed as an investment, not as a cost. Ideally, it would be best to find a commercial cleaning company with whom you are able to work for a long time. That way, you won’t have to keep requesting quotes and engaging with a rotating crew of cleaners.

So, how do you evaluate commercial cleaning companies? What kind of parameters do you apply to compare and contrast the different services?

Here are 5 factors to be considered for choosing a commercial cleaning company that can keep your workplace clean and safe for your workers and customers.

1. Services Provided

Combining two or more services when hiring a commercial cleaning company will save you money. Many companies, for example, provide both cleaning and janitorial services. There are also companies that offer both routine maintenance cleaning and more detailed cleaning every 4-6 months.

Consider the cleaning activities your office requires and what are some unique needs. Is there a lot of debris or dust in your industrial work areas? Perhaps your office space has several windows that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. When selecting a commercial cleaning service, you should think about all of these factors.

2. Reliability

The majority of commercial cleaner services operate at night. That is to say that when workers are not around and the building is not open to the public, they’ll have to work inside the office. You would want to use a commercial cleaning company that hires trustworthy and reliable members.

If your company deals with confidential paperwork like patient details or financial account information, you have to be sure that you’re hiring cleaners who will follow the necessary steps to keep documents and records secure.

You can also check to see if the commercial cleaning company has insurance. As a result, you won’t be held liable for any damages or injuries sustained by a cleaner while on your premises.

3. Expertise

Find a commercial cleaning service that is both dependable and knowledgeable about your industry. This means you should seek out a business that has been in operation for a few years. Thankfully, most of the commercial cleaning companies have years of experience. So, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Make sure, however, that the company has prior experience with your type of space and setting. Some commercial cleaner services specialize in medical facilities. Is that grade of cleaning something that you really want in your 10-person office space? Are you willing to spend extra on it as well?

In this scenario, a cleaning service that has experience in retail stores or office buildings would probably suffice.

4. Equipment And Supplies

If you have booked a house cleaning service before, you may have come across a service that needed you to provide your own cleaning products and supplies. This isn’t what you want to see in a commercial setup.

As a matter of fact, the supplies required for medical-grade sanitation or a deep clean are typically kept at certain temperatures and in specific conditions.

Furthermore, many businesses do not have the time to purchase a large quantity of cleaning equipment and supplies, price it, and handle the inventory required for the entire office space or several locations.

Professional commercial cleaning companies would have their own cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as employees who have been trained on how to use them properly.

Also, several commercial cleaner services use plant-based cleaning products to provide green or environment-friendly cleaning services. If this is something that matters to you and your operation, ask the company about the type of supplies it uses. Check if it has any eco-friendly certifications and if it’s able to give you a list of the ingredients used in its solutions.

5. Flexibility And Hours Of Operation

What are the cleaning service’s hours of operation? Is there an extra fee if you order a cleaning at night?

The truth is that majority of the businesses do not want the cleaning staff to come in during working hours. This is not only inconvenient for the employees, but it could also be a big turnoff for customers.

Instead of forcing you to work around their schedule, the chosen commercial cleaning company should be able to work around yours.

Most commercial cleaner services make it clear that nighttime cleaning is included in their daily service.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re at home or at work, life can get messy. Product development and foot traffic in a business setting can result in industrial-sized messes.

Luckily, commercial cleaning companies have the resources and manpower to take on even the most difficult jobs.

You will be able to hire a commercial cleaning company that eases the pressure of upkeep and maintenance if you do your research and take the time to get some estimates.

Here are our top 10 commercial cleaning companies:

  1. Buildingstars
  2. Anago Cleaning Systems
  3. CleanNet USA
  4. Bonus Building Care
  5. Vanguard Cleaning Systems
  6. Jani-King
  7. Steamatic
  8. JAN-PRO
  9. Coverall
  10. ServiceMaster Clean

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