Home Maintenance Made Easy

Take care of your home, inside and out, all year round, for one flat rate.

Introducing Our Brand New: Home Maintenance Service Plans

We've been noticing more and more of the homeowners in our SkilledHub.com community have been looking for an easier way to keep up with their home maintenance.

You know how it goes:

Everything is going smoothly with your home until—out of nowhere—there is water in your basement, or a blocked gutter starts pouring water all over your deck, or dandylions shoot up all across your yard. 

Let's not even mention some of the more extreme scenarios that can happen all too easily.

It doesn't take much before you're in crisis mode.

And the worst part? Your neighbours and your visitors can see your home's neglect day after day.

The thing is, we know these crises are avoidable. We've all heard about regularly inspecting our home systems, and we know how critical it is to take care of your yard at key points throughout the year so it doesn't get out of hand.

It's just a lot to keep track of!

Besides, a little bit of regular maintenance goes a long way when it comes to raising your home's value, and improving the appearance of the entire neighbourhood.

And it's hard to put a price on peace of mind—if you're not interested in setting yourself a regular schedule for tackling all of those jobs yourself, then this could be exactly what you need.

We feel your pain, and that's why we created the home maintenance service plans.


How Our Home Maintenance Service Plans Work

Each package is put together based on the top services that home owners like you would like done around your home.  

We have brought together a range of services. Some are regular (like weekly lawnmowing), and some are less frequent, but no less important, like inspecting for rodent entry-points.

Once you select a service, we connect you with the skilled professionals who will take care of all your home's needs.

All services are set out in a schedule for when they will be completed throughout the year, and you only pay one flat-rate fee for all included services (both monthly and annual fee schedules are available).

Choose Your Maintenance Plan


  • Peace of mind for all your home needs

Covers basic home maintenance



  • Peace of mind for all your home needs
  • Have the best-kept house on the block

Covers most home maintenance


  • Peace of mind for all your home needs
  • Have the best-kept house on the block
  • The most complete service package

Covers all home maintenance


General Services

Interior Home Care

Exterior Home Care

  • Car oil changes — 3/year 
  • Seasonal tire changeover 
  • Junk Removal
  • Rodent and pest control - annual inspections  
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning 
  • HVAC Duct cleaning
  • Vent cleaning — dryer and washing machine 

  • Brick/siding cleaning — removes winter grime and residue from house
  • Gutter and eavestrough cleaning 
  • Window cleaning 
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All basic package services, PLUS:

Exterior Home Care

General Services

  • Lawnmowing - weekly visits
  • Deck/patio cleaning — pressure wash deck and patio  
  • Weeding gardens — regular weeding keeps your gardens beautiful.
  • Fresh mulch around trees and gardens — new mulch and weekly lawn care drastically improve your home's beauty and curb appeal.
  • Planting new plants — new plants make your gardens and beds look amazing and up-to-date throughout the entire growing season.
  • Rodent and pest control - quarterly inspections 
  • SkilledHub Proper Home Maintenance Guide (Resource included) 


All basic and premium package services, PLUS:

Complete Lawn Maintenance 

  • Inspect lawn in Spring  
  • Clean up yard — rake leaves and dead grass 
  • Aerate lawn in Spring  
  • Seed and fertilize lawn in Spring 
  • Reseed lawn in Fall 
  • Weed control in Spring  
  • Bug management 

Maid Service — monthly maid service

Preventive-maintenance inspection — once a year


If you're a senior, and you're looking for a more manageable way to take care of the home you've lived in for years—this may be the plan for you! The cost of this plan is likely completely offset by the appreciating value of your well-maintained property.

Want to learn more about our Home Maintenance Service Plans?